World’s fastest growing economy, 2nd largest army in the world, 521 million labor force, nuclear capacity? Well, the world even recognized that economy? We declined on that list, went down to become the sixth largest economy in the world. You know, I am talking about India, but somehow none of them adds up to me, what I think India can really contribute to the world. The reports and stats published by Economists clearly hint that India will be the next superpower in terms of economy and defense. But are we really ready to become a superpower or to be in the list of developed countries? Many of you will agree, some of you will disagree, but let us talk in the most logical way that we are not ready to be enlisted as a developed nation.

India’s population is growing at a very fast rate and in no time soon we will cross over China but on a positive side with an average age of just 28. The population brings on the diversity, culture, traditions etc. with 22 official languages and over 780 dialects and at least 9 recognized languages. These demographics and statistics show the positive image that how secular, socialist, have equality of status and fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual. But what those well-written statements in the constitution safeguarding our fundamental rights is really applicable in one’s individual life. The answer is not true at all. Are we really not discriminating against an individual on the basis of caste, color, and religion. The answer is a big ‘YES’. We are so much used to it that without knowing that we are discriminating against an individual or a group of people. Is there any solidarity in the minds of the people of India?

The answer is implausible, it is not a matter to debate how wrong I am but to think how ignorant and racial we really are towards our very own people, our own citizens. There is a group of people called ‘Dalit’. Whenever we hear this word somewhere in the first word pops in our mind is the backward class, poor and illiterate and low profile people. Nobody can become a politician in India without mentioning ‘Dalit’ word in their political agendas. The politicians have a very specific reason, ‘Dalit’ group that is SC and ST group comprises nearly 25% of India’s population, so the politicians know very well that ‘Dalit’ is an important vote bank. This system of vote bank, this concept is as old as the Republic of India. The outfit of the people changed with the time, during 80’s-90’s men usually used to wear pants but now wearing Denim Jeans is in fashion but this Dalit vote bank concept is as old as the new. Still, in 2018, it is not outdated yet. Dalit people have the same biological design as any normal person has yet they are specified as ‘Dalit’, not as a citizen. Why? Because this casteism nature or this caste system is a plague in deep down in the roots of the Indian culture. The caste system is divided into four categories and the lowest group is called as ‘Shudra’ where they have to serve people. But now the system is changed, the lowest forms of the jobs, odd ones are all expected to be done by ‘Dalit’. I am asking this simple question, why? Why them only? The garbage collector, street cleaner etc. Why are only them entitled to do it? The question is even if the person who collects the garbage from door to door is not a Dalit but still most of us assume that he/she belongs to a low-class category. Is it about the appearance? Well, you can easily distinguish an Indian in a group of foreigners. Why we have this introspective view of judging Dalit as they are only entitled to do meaner and odd jobs? If you have ever read the Preamble of the Constitution, there clearly mentioned equality, Fraternity Secular; even in the Constitution, part 3 article 12-35 that mentions the Fundamental rights of every citizen. The Constitution has given us almost every right but it is upon the people to abide what is written in our constitution. 71% literacy rate but still casteism is a major issue in our country. The truth is that the system doesn’t want the Dalit to overcome from this situation. They want them to realize that they are backward and their sons and daughters will do the same job what their previous generation has been doing for more than 300 years. It is a disappointment to say that untouchability still exists in India. I don’t need to give you the proof of it.

The government policies are made is such a way to prevent their advancement in the society. There is a scheduled caste in Bihar called as ‘Musahar’. They are called so because they catch a mouse to feed on them, their population is high in Bihar and in some other states, still at present they are forced to eat the mouse and most of them are landless labors.

It was a small example of a community and there are hundred’s of the different community who are forced to work as a landless labor.  Some shameless and filthy politicians made a statement that Dalits love to do such kind of a job. They love it because they feel the peace of mind and they feel Nirvana in doing so. They are forced to enter into a gutter or sewers to make a living because they were pressurized by the society to do very same work because their generation had done it before.  Why the Government doesn’t make a scheme so that the Dalits were not forced to enter into sewers? Why the Government doesn’t give them lands for farming or provide vocational training to them so they can enlist themselves to work somewhere later?

Many people and even Government argues that they have been given privileges like reservation in jobs, educational institutes etc. is reservation really helpful to them? Did reservation policy uplift their status in the society? No. Even if a person from backward class becomes a clerk or senior officer we still taunt them as Dalit. I feel very bad when a student or person disregard Baba Saheb Ambedkar that he favored backward class. He thought to give preference to backward class to only uplift them to give them the equal status in the society, to provide them the basic facilities like education which they were deprived of for, ore them 300 years. He had hopes that when people will be educated they will no longer need the tag of their caste but we chose to run in the wrong way and just look at the situation where we are now. The caste system reservation policy now created a feud between the people of our own. We are fighting ourselves hating each other. A general category student doesn’t like to befriend with an OBC or SC, ST caste guy at such a young age we have this much of hatred towards our own people. This much of tension and stress in the society but there is a celebration going on in the sky of politics. This is vulgar, this is what I want people to understand what’s right and what’s wrong.

I still have hope that one day people will understand what’s right and what’s wrong and they will act according to their conscience to stand for a change to do revolution to become the great nation. It is we that create the nation.

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