It is a very fine day, you are walking down on a road, having mixed up thoughts, suddenly you see a very adorable girl, your thoughts stop for a moment, she smiles at you, she comes close to you, she comes close to you and in impulse she stabs you with a knife. How would you feel at that particular moment? some of you will argue with me that why a beautiful girl would stab anyone? Well, I would say what Rick Sanchez would say ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game son’. I created a situation like this with a boy, it can happen with anyone regardless of the gender, but the question is still unanswered. What will you do? You are bleeding in pain and she is still looking at you with those adorable eyes. Well, most of you won’t be able to answer, you would rather contradict the situation rather giving the answer. But what if we make little edit instead choosing the killer a pirate type with dark eyes, yellow teeth basically a headhunter. You would have changed your thought that you love seeing the person coming towards you. So, I can safely assume that it is the perception of the mind that reacts to the mainstream things or objects or situations. You can’t imagine murderer with nice looks because you have always imagined a murderer with shabby looks. Well, how do we determine whether someone has a good appearance or a bad one? It is indeed a difficult and complex question to answer. We programmed our brain to think and analyze only the perception based situations. If there is a guy with red eyes, we always think of him as a drug addict. Our brain always gives us a presumed analysis. We need to think out of the box to react to the unfamiliar situations. We have a tendency to believe that heroes always win and villains tend to lose, but there is a various number of possibilities anything can happen. We should train our mind to think of unfamiliar possibility but that doesn’t mean to have a negative influence on your mind. So out of the box thinking doesn’t always mean you think out an imaginary box it also means how wide you can think. So this brings us to the REP formula.

R – Relaxing your brain, E – Enhancing your brain, P – achieving Pro level. So, our brain has 100 billion neuron cells which are doing its function every mili-second, when you are thinking of something, you try to imagine those objects, but sometimes we do overthink and we lose control. Various thoughts start coming and going, it’s like watching a road with heavy traffic and having no control of it. The best way to deal is to sit back and observe without thinking of running or chasing towards the traffic. Our brain is mostly like a wild horse that needs to be tamed, rather than pinning it down at one place, the horse is let out on a very long rope and put it in a big spacious field. The horse runs around feeling like it’s got the all the space in the world, but very slowly the rope is pulled in and the horse adjusts to this feeling until it comes to a natural place of rest, we are looking to do just the same thing with the mind, not trying to pin it down in one place but bringing it to a natural place of rest. This is how we should treat with our mind not putting more effort into juice out but to sit back and relax also.

You can always relax, relaxing helps the mind to refresh and prepare for the upcoming challenges. Now, the enhancing part comes where we need to be more efficient and productive. Enhancing consist not only of efficiency or productivity of mind but skills to react with unfamiliar facts and details that can sympathize with information that it hasn’t studied before. We are all familiar with this “Friend-Zone” thing, this is the story in a nutshell of almost every individual out there. Some escaped this friend-zone thing to become heroes and some stayed there and became a martyr.

When a girl/boy friend-zones you what we not to do is crack under pressure, we should analyze the situation and let him/her believe in you. Friend-zone is a state of mind created by us, it is mostly like a fear. Perhaps, the best way to deal is to let go of your fear and with full confidence tell him/her what you feel and what you believe.

This is just an example to show you how you should train yourself to deal with the biggest examination called “Life”.

When you finally do the R and E of REP, what left is P that is achieving Pro Level. Achieving Pro Level is somehow trickier than enhancing your brain, basically, in simple words, it is the final touch. To make you understand let us take an example again. I am a keen observer, I not only observe people but also observe their behavior pattern and from that, I deduce so many things. This helps me to prevent myself from getting into bad influence. I didn’t have this attribute 3 year back, I achieved this by watching TV series and anime. I noticed in TV series and anime they count every single detail that helped me change my mind into observing things in more detail way. I’m not Sherlock but with the right effort, I can observe things in a more detailed way than before.

This was just an example to show you what you can achieve with your right mindset. When you will increase your level bar the challenges will also increase simultaneously. How peculiar is when you start thinking like Pro you will get to know there is no Pro level, it is just an imaginary stage where you put yourself and see improvement in a much faster rate than anyone else.

It is the mind that transforms the world, today we call 21st century a digital world back in 2000BC it was the stone age. This huge change was only possible because of the transformation of mind, the thinking pattern. We hope for a better tomorrow but huge changes need revolution and revolution is directly proportional to us.

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