The one who let me down,
The one whom I searched all around
You showed me path & where you gone;
You promised that you’ll be all along
My blind faith on you and I know that I was wrong
You deceived me dear and I was left all alone.

I will share with you all my dear and I’ll not hesitate:
Because I know blind faith on him was my mistake.
I want to share, the pain which I gain:
It’s not a complain, It’s not a complain.

Oh dear my dear
You know I care,
But to show your care
You were never there .







The neglected light way that my pals showed,
I regret now because you were fraud.
I left my dear ones because of you,
So, this is my punishment and this is true.
I want to explain, what I have gain??
It’s pain and only pain.

O dear my dear
You know I care
But to show your care
You were never there.

I know this world is full of foe;
Good ones are no more,
I want to leave this hell
And I want to go,
Where’s that place of peace?
Please show Please show.

O dear my dear
You know I care
But to show your care
You were never there.

At last I decided to discuss no more,
At least not to make my life a simple”bore”
I know I was the  rejected one
For you dear my life was just a fun;
From this critical situation,
I wanna overcome.
To give my a life a simple turn,
From my mistakes dear one thing I learn.

Pain was the only thing that I have earn.

That’s all my dear,
That I wanted to share

O dear my dear,
You know I care
But I realized here
Cheat you were,
Cheat you were.

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