What I have observed in this last four years is that we have lost the freedom to oppose, to question and to have an ideology different from those which is trending. But there are many inconsiderate people who manage to do so; for their nation, for their society and for themselves; without being known that by doing so, they are starting on a journey that will end up designating them as an anti-national. Well, isn’t that interesting? YES, it is and there are many people, or you can call them “passengers”  rather, who got themselves registered in this journey and successfully got the title of anti-national.

Ok, so before we talk about these passengers and the several stops of their journey, let’s find out who were they actually opposing and who were they actually questioning? – – – MODI or MODI GOVERNMENT?

After talking to several passengers of this beautiful journey, we deciphered a fact that their designation is a result of a mere confusion on the part of MODI FANS(Bhakts) and the BJP IT CELL. We got to know very clearly that they were not against NARENDRA MODI rather they were questioning the central government, for which they have the right to and the government is totally answerable to their questions. Actually, the opposition should be blamed for this condition because if they had also named their government as MANMOHAN SARKAAR, then maybe this confusion would be clear at that period only when these newly designated anti-nationals were questioning there government too.

I don’t think, it is necessary to name any passenger on this journey because you know each one of them. So let me now explain you this journey. Well, once you decide to go on this journey, you are already awarded your first title anti-Modi and from here your journey begins. Very soon then, you are made to stop on a station and you are awarded your second title anti-Hindu and from there you get to know the ultimate bonding of Modi Government and Hindus when you see the saffron army with swords waving at you. Then you are made to stop on two more stations where you are awarded titles like leftist and Pakistani. And then comes the final stop where you are finally honored as anti-national.

At the end of this journey, there were tears in the eyes of every passenger, they told us. It was not because they were titled as anti-nationals, it was because they were titled by those for whom they decided to go on this journey, their countrymen.