Girls from Delhi are typically regarded as being more fashionable and modern compared to the girls from the other parts of the country. Doesn’t matter if she is from south Delhi or from east Delhi, all of them are bold and tough to handle. You can distinguish a Delhi girl apart from the crowd of hundreds. Their accent, their cuteness, their fashion statement, everything is different from the girls in the rest of the country. And it’s not a hidden fact that Delhi girls are super proud of being from Delhi. Below are some of the reason why dating a Delhi girl is the best thing to do for a non-Delhiite.

1)            DRESSING SENSE

They have the perfect dressing sense. Either they buy it from ZARA or from Sarojini Nagar, they always dress perfectly according to their mood, weather or occasion. You can see them going to college, traveling in the metro even on public buses their fashion sense is considered the best. It is also said that what Delhi wears today rest of India will wear it tomorrow. I bet you won’t be able to differentiate if they have bought it of 200 bucks or 20k bucks.





Delhi girls are very talkative. They just can’t stop talking. No matter if she knows anything or not about any particular issue they can talk over hours on that topic. And believe me, you won’t get bored with them so easily or should I say they won’t allow you to get bored.




3)            BEAUTY WITH BRAIN

Delhi girls have a good fashion sense. Apart from that, they are always focused towards their goals and ways to achieve them. They are very clear about their future. They are indeed a beauty with brain. They are not only funny and beautiful but intelligent and smart too.



4)            BOLDNESS

Boldness is in their vain. They are much bolder than girls from another part of the country. They don’t give a damn to what you think about them. They always have a sarcastic and classy reply to their harassers. If you are thinking that they would just let it go if you harassed them then you are wrong. They can surely put you in trouble if you try to mess with them. They know how to tackle such situation wisely.




5)            BARGAINING QUEEN

They are very good at bargaining. I have seen them doing this mostly in local markets where prices normally remain low already. They can easily bring down the price of any commodity from 500 bucks to 200 bucks or even lower. U can safely say, they are kind of invincible in Bargaining. Not only in shopping they do it with auto drivers too. They don’t just pay them whatever drivers ask. And when they call them “Bhaiya” their accent always changes and it sounds something like “Bhayaa”. :p





They want to be an independent woman. They don’t want to be judged at all. Whether it comes for paying the bills or paying traveling expenses they won’t allow you to pay for them unless they become your girlfriends. The most obvious reason for their openness is that their parent’s don’t just keep them between four walls, they allow them to think outside of the box, to hang out with friends, clubbing. Delhi people are generally broad minded when it comes to giving space to their offspring irrespective of their gender.


7)            SHOPPING ADDICTS

It’s obvious that if they have a good fashion sense then they must be a shopping addict. They are always ready for shopping doesn’t matter from Janpath market, Sarojini Nagar or Kamla Nagar they can never say no to shopping. They can take you to places whose names you might have never heard before. And with their bargaining skills, you will always feel like you are on a profit.


Source: The Hindu



They are open-minded. They won’t mind if you drink occasionally, rather some of them can beat you in drinking.



When it comes to street food no other city can beat Delhi in it. Street food of Delhi is considered the best as you can get the best food at a very cheap rate. So, being from the city which serves the best food Delhi girls are a big foodie. From fancy restaurants to roadside chaat vendors, they know where they can get the best quality of food. They can make you taste the best tasty food at cheap rates here.


So, these points are enough to go for a Delhi girl but the more relevant thing is you should choose a girl who represents you and stands with you at every moment and I think a Delhi girl has the quality to lighten up your life. They are confident. They are bold. They are beautiful.



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  1. Such a beautiful thoughts ❤ thanks for every word u typed,it was great ..
    Good job and thanks for understanding us and putting a vision in front of others ,definitely it’ll help others to understand about us.

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