Hey, Hi, Hello, What’s up, these words were enough to trigger a conversation between two young fellows, middle age persons or anyone living in our society, then after a long chat there comes the stage where the trust starts to build up. When they finally get to know each other and off to a great start. The journey they been through for the past months or in years, that is what they call as ‘LOVE’. But it is not simple as to explain it on open paper or explain it to someone, because there are many phases in this feeling called ‘Love’ or ‘Fondness’ or ‘Adoration or hundreds of other synonyms, what people around the world usually refer this prodigious feeling as ‘Love’. It is a prevalent phrase that ‘You Eat to Live’ but for most of the people in the world ‘They Live to Love’.

I will try to give you my best logical analysis to explain to you the ‘Concept of love’. There are about 1.3 billion people in this country and 7.4 billion people in this world. Everyone has a different perspective and a different theory. If you have ever seen an abstract painting, you would have a different opinion than the other person who is observing the same painting. You would have a different opinion than the other person who is observing the same painting. Not only the painting the concept goes same for the clouds, on a very sunny day you will see clouds forming to make something like a giant fish or UFO or something very interesting but very same cloud forms something different for a different person. The clouds are the same for both people it is upon the person how one can take their imagination to form something beautiful. What really special about the patterns that people see in clouds, painting or in stars is that they call their imagination ‘Unique One’. There are many versions of love, some call it ‘True Love’ some as real ‘Real Love’ but what really funny is people explain you their own version of love that they have the strong affection towards their partner but what they really want to tell you is that their love for their partner is the strongest among all other. So this proves that there are many versions and it is safe to say infinite versions of love each person has their own version. Science defines love in their own way that love is influenced by hormones such as oxytocin, neurotoxins and how people think and behave in love is influenced by their conception of love. It is the conception of mind that drives people into a path that is created by them. Science considers love as two major drives sexual attraction and attachment. Well, sexual attraction is something when a person let’s say a girl sees a muscular guy, a well built and handsome guy, a sexual attraction urges in her which drives to show some signs that she is interested in him; the very same theory goes for animals too. Humans are the social and political animal; they show their attraction in a different manner than a chimpanzee. Attachment is very different comparing to sexual attraction. Attachment is fondness or sympathy for someone or something. Sexual attraction is temporary feeling but the attachment is something that can last up to decades or forever. Attachment is unconditional, I love my country despite political crisis, casteism, communal riots etc. it is unconditional. I am not bound to love my country it is just the attachment that drives me to love my country. On the other hand, the literature played and still playing a tremendous role in order to explain the concept of love for more than 400 years or longer before than that. Poets, writers tried and still trying to give a meaningful shape in their poetry, stories or in dramas, just to give people the curiosity to ask themselves ‘Why We Feel Love’? Shakespeare wrote a small line in order to describe love in one of his writings ‘A midsummer’s night dream’, ‘Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind’; Susan Sontag a famous American writer in one of his famous journals wrote ‘Nothing is mysterious, no human relation, except love’. Many Indian writers like Rabindranath Tagore, Meera Bai, Amir Khusro, Kabir etc. all tried their best to describe this magnificent feeling of love, affection, and fondness to the people in this world, yet they failed to explain it properly to the people what they really wanted to tell in those extraordinary lines.

When you meet a special person whom you truly adore, your heart starts beating faster, you want to say a lot of things but still can’t speak, your pupil dilate, this proves love is an involuntary feeling, an unarmed force, we try to control it, it destroys us, sometimes leaves us feeling lost and confused.

If we go more back in the time, when humans were to make fire, at that time humans were uncivilized, didn’t know any language to express themselves, still at that time people somehow managed to show affection to their partners, clearly not in the manner we do now. So, love is not just a feeling but an enacted emotion, in other words, to love is to feel, it is a mix of emotions and actions that show the deep liking for something or someone.

A friend of mine once asked me ‘What is Love’? can you explain it to me without being felt it? It was one of the most difficult questions I have ever faced because I never have loved someone and never felt it before except family. How can I explain something which I have never felt neither saw before? The point I am trying to make here is that I am wrong, we all have this beautiful feeling inside our mind in which we are either shy or afraid to show it. Love encompasses a variety of strong and positive emotion and mental states ranging from the most sublime virtue, the deepest interpersonal affection to the simplest pleasure. It is a common emotion ranging to every person but the most creative art in the universe, an unimaginable virtue that can form something evil or something good. The human life is mortal but the mind is infinite. It is our curiosity to seek for infinity, to answer all the unanswered question in the most logical way, to fully understand the concept of love, to understand the meaning of ‘I Love You’ that revolutionized the world.


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