Why do we fall in love? Perhaps this is one of the most mainstream questions one has ever acknowledged but before giving you a fact or assertion and getting into a heated debate to yourself and getting into a conclusion, first ask yourself, have you ever loved someone? The question is not just about “why do we fall in love”? It’s mostly about why do we fall in love at the very first place. People say we love someone but how one evaluate this feeling? How one describes it, how one’s life revolves or changes around it? And there are many factors residing around this very question that’s been asked. But to be honest it’s a very difficult question to answer to yourself, it is one of the most discreet question and quite impossible to answer. Well, you can’t really judge or comprehend your feeling, you can clarify your feeling at a very particular instant or moment but after some short period of time, you will somehow contradict yourself.  The contradicting part is what makes it more complex to understand. Let’s give you an example to elaborate, we all know the taste of sugar, it tastes sweet but what if someone gives you a pen and paper and tells you to explain the taste of sugar on piece of a paper that’s been given to you, well that’s not an easy task to do. We all know how it tastes, we can distinguish the taste of sugar if we were given different substances but still how we can’t simply define the taste. This is exactly what dealing with feelings is, we know what is happening, we try to control it, apprehend it, sometimes go beyond our hand but we always fail to understand why it happened at all.

Waves are not separate from the ocean, thoughts are not separate from the mind.  If you try to answer this question ‘why do we fall in love’ scientifically the answer will be when our brain sees someone who is charismatic then it releases oxytocin and several other hormones which lures one into mating with other; quite simple. There are many factors depending upon the one’s individual conscience why do they fall in love with another person. There is a psychological reason too, one promising answer is that love occurs when it generates general attraction, social factors and circumstances that produce passion that is particularly strong. When one develops familiarity with other by spending time, thinking about each other or anticipating with each other. Finding the likes of one person is also a reason and the physical appearance is the most important part, the general attraction attribute occurred in the first place when the physical appearance is found desirable and to a lesser extent desirable personal traits. Another significant factor is the social influence; a person always goes for one who has more influence in society and in a social network, if a union that does not satisfy general social norms or is not accepted by one’s social network can result in people falling in love and what people call usually ‘Breakup’. 


We always think our love for someone is very unique, we try to describe it by saying ‘he/she is the only one’ or ‘I never loved someone like him/her’ all these statement proves that we tend to make our emotions strong for someone but emotions are basically like a sine graph, once it goes up and sometimes it goes down. When someone says that they are in a relationship for a very long time this only proves that both the couples had the emotions and their sentiments in the right order for each other. 

Some people say falling in love is quite easy, maybe slightly true or not, but in my perspective, it is not easy to fall in love at once, well you definitely can get attracted to someone at an instance but falling into someone requires a lot. Falling in love is the feeling that makes you want to be with someone you ardor because something in them their physical appearance, the way they think, what they have done for you or how they cared for you and all of them caught your attention. It may last or not and there occurs a possibility where your feeling for the person vanishes over the course of time, it’s just the trigger for approaching. Falling in love with the right person is the most tricky part, whenever we meet someone for the first time we create an impression but over the course of time, we either tend to get bored with the subject or become comfortable with the person. We never knew who is the right person it is just a trial and error method, we keep on trying until we finally succeed. 

Finding the right person ain’t an easy task, it takes your trust, time and most important whether you believe on the person or not. There’s a quote by Swami Vivekanand “Never go back to an old love, no matter how strong it is. It’s like reading a book again when you already know how it is going to end”. It means a great deal when you start your journey to find someone. Maybe after putting all my facts and assertions, I can finally give my conclusion that we are too young to understand this magnificent feeling, it takes our whole life to understand what is really like to be loved by someone, what is like to love someone. How we give our everything to preserve this little emotion and sentiment for someone, from the dawn of the civilization we are still trying to figure it out what is the meaning of “I love you” and still we are unable to give it a proper conclusion.
I hope you all will understand the meaning of this term called ‘I love you”. 

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